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Atheopaganism, with Mark Green (S02E06)


Atheopaganism founder Mark Green joins us today to discuss Atheopaganism, an Earth-honoring path rooted in science!

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The Placebo Magick Podcast explores why …

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S02E05 Pop Culture Paganism: Pokémon

Ash and Pikachu

In this episode we discuss Pokémon training as a metaphor for leveling up and evolving our inner demons into trusted and powerful friends! In Secret Spells & Riddlesome Rituals, we describe making your own Pokédex of local plants and animals.

The Placebo Magick Podcast explores why and how to cast spells …

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S02E04 Wizardly Tomes: Digital Minimalism featuring April Benson-Scearce

Digital Minimalism book

In this episode, April Benson-Scearce joins us to discuss the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport, and the broader topic of digital minimalism.

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S02E03.1 Patreon-Exclusive Bonus Show Sneak Peek: Interpreting Pop Culture Scriptures

the original Jedi texts

Enjoy this sneak peek at our new Patreon-Exclusive Bonus Show! Bonus episodes like this will come out between regular episodes of the Placebo Magick Podcast, exclusively for Patreon supporters who pledge $1 per episode. Click here to become a Bonus Show subscriber! In this bonus episode we discuss the benefits …

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S02E03 Pop Culture Paganism


In this episode, we discuss the practice of pop culture paganism—that is, paganism using pop culture characters, stories, and imagery. In the Bardic Verse segment, I read my poem called Batman.

The Placebo Magick Podcast explores why and how to cast spells, brew potions, commune with spirits, and hack …

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