The Placebo Magick Podcast

Magick is pretend... and pretending is powerful! On the Placebo Magick Podcast we explore how and why to cast spells, perform rituals, read Tarot cards, commune with fictional beings, and delve into ancient or pop culture mythologies to gain real psychological benefits and treat modern problems... all while remaining grounded in a science-based skeptical atheist worldview.

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Recent Episodes

Aliefs and Beliefs (S2E23)

Introducing the concept of aliefs, contrasted with beliefs.

Self-Forgiveness: Secret Spells & Riddlesome Rituals (S2E22.2)

Forgiving yourself for messing up on your goals and values.

The Future of Religion and Magick (S2E22)

Musing about how religion and magick might change in the decades to come.

Summoning the Dead: Secret Spells & Riddlesome Rituals (S2E21.2)

Tips for using magick to summon the spirits of the dead! (Or the not-quite-dead...)

Social Media and Smartphone Addiction (S2E21)

Magick and brain hacks for reducing screen time and its negative impacts!

Resource Roundup 2021 (S2E20)

I share a number of different book, podcast, and video recommendations for placebo mages.

Magick and Meaning in the City, with Winter (S2E19)

Special guest Winter joins me to discuss magick and meaning-making in a city environment.

Minimalist Magick (S2E18)

Magick on a budget, magick in small living spaces, and low-maintenance magick.

Featured Poetry and Blog Posts

When the poets of old
wrote of star-crossed lovers
they were partly right
and partly wrong
due to a tragedy of scope and scale
and obsession with particular causality,
working backwards
or worse, forwards—
while stars like these ordain the just-rightness
of you and me, it could have been
any …
The Noble Peasantry: Reimagining Class

Using simple living to blend the benefits of both noble and peasant lifestyles.

Lord, help me to pray
less. Help my gratitude grow
plainer, for smaller and commoner things.
Help my exaltations
dissolve into breath.
And by grace, may I make peace
where the shy wordless creature
can squeak his petitions—
small prayers for small moments
when I break off two squares of …
When Batman saved Gotham
having finally figured out
how to synthesize an antidote,
he couldn't go back to just being
Bruce Wayne—like most superheroes
Batman is maladjusted
for everyday life, maladapted
to a saved world.

When Noah touched solid ground
having preserved human- and animal-kind
and much too old …