Off-Grid/Tiny House Laundry

Two different cheap and simple methods for washing clothes off-the-grid or in a tiny house. Stay tuned for the second half of the video to see the method I invented, Laundry Stompin'.

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DIY Woolen Cloak with Homemade Wooden Buttons

I show off my homemade wool cloak (for the Reimagined Culture Project, i.e. for Habdur) and describe how I made it.

See also: Princples of Habdur Fashion.

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Simple DIY Rain Barrel

Quick, simple method for adding a spigot, overflow valve, and screen to convert a standard plastic barrel into a rain barrel.

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10 Tips for Managing STUFF in a Tiny House

Today on Little House on the Parking Lot, I share some tips for managing the flow of stuff in and out of your tiny house or other small living space.

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Community Feedback: Washing the Dishes

In my video about washing the dishes in a tiny house, YouTube users chuck1011212 and ZeoCyberG offered suggestions for how to improve the process. I created this follow-up video to share and test their feedback! Thanks for the suggestions, folks!

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