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The Wordless Place

On good mornings, I wake
and start with faithful work
to build the wordless place:
two mugs of coffee, two slabs of butter,
cushioned space where a body
can recognize itself.

I do not think
therefore I am not
a hero or a failure
or a laborer
or a mind …
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Sustenance and Change

"Whatever is foreseen in joy
Must be lived out from day to day
Vision help open in the dark
By our ten thousand days of work.
Harvest will fill the barn; for that
The hand must ache, the face must sweat."

—Wendell Berry, "Sabbaths" (1979, X)

In each system, some …

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Holistic Efficiency

Here's a puzzle. Guess the word for each of the following definitions:

  1. The feeling or tendency of not wanting to work hard or be active.
  2. The body's innate desire to conserve energy.
  3. The pleasurable feeling of performing a task efficiently.
  4. The skill of minimizing exertion and strain.

Our language has …

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