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Surprise Baby Chicks, part 2

Follow-up on our unauthorized baby chickens. Watch Part 1 here.

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Surprise Baby Chicks, part 1

One of our hens went missing and was presumed dead until, weeks later, we discovered a clutch of Hidden Bonus Chickens! Get a look at the actual chicks here.

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Tiny House Tour

A tour of my four-years-occupied tiny house—situated on an urban farm in an outlet mall parking lot—plus some insights from my tiny living experience.

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Peace, Part II

I don't know what you call
the opposite of a land mine
but I found another today.
I was cleaning
and I found a dusty jar of kohlrabi pickles
sealed in the summer just before the war.
I've kept these pickles a long time—
there were days
I wouldn't look …
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