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upright grand piano, tilted
Grandma taught us all
that her sickly parents
sent her down
to the old-timey version
of what we all came to know
as Pic 'N' Save
with a pocketful of nickels and old-timey coupons
to buy old-timey expired food
so big girl Grandma could portion out little pieces
for her …
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Off-Grid/Tiny House Laundry

Two different cheap and simple methods for washing clothes off-the-grid or in a tiny house. Stay tuned for the second half of the video to see the method I invented, Laundry Stompin'.

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Principles of Habdur Fashion

homemade wool cloak

For my Reimagined Culture Project—the culture of the ten-acre Realm of Habdur—I need a fashion appropriate to the climate, to the available materials, and to the values and sensibilities of the Habdur people (i.e. me).

To develop it, my foundational principles are:

  • The clothing should be appropriate …
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10 Tips for Managing STUFF in a Tiny House

Today on Little House on the Parking Lot, I share some tips for managing the flow of stuff in and out of your tiny house or other small living space.

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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things I Keep In My Tiny House

In this installment of Little House on the Parking Lot, I share some of my more absurd possessions and give a bit of advice on managing the STUFF in our lives.

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