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E15 The Hero's Journey

the heavens

Today on the Placebo Magick Podcast we give a bird's eye view of the archetypal Hero's Journey (as described by Joseph Campbell) and its usefulness in spiritual practice. The Spell of the Week is a simple divination method based on the Hero's Journey.

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E12 Yourself: Into the You-Verse

alternate reality FarmCodeGarys

Today on the Placebo Magick Podcast: How to open magickal connections to alternate universes and alternate selves to help you loosen up your constricting beliefs about yourself and make decisions with more confidence. The Spell of the Week is a daily morning ritual to link minds with a parallel universe …

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This is a step in my story
when the ragtag affiliation
of superheroes—willful, egoistic,
well-intentioned—must recognize
the extent of collateral damage
incurred during Act II
and somehow become
a Team, one one-willed saintly body.

Gathered from disparate lives:
The Conductor, self-appointed leader,
who keeps the trains
running on …
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When Batman saved Gotham
having finally figured out
how to synthesize an antidote,
he couldn't go back to just being
Bruce Wayne—like most superheroes
Batman is maladjusted
for everyday life, maladapted
to a saved world.

When Noah touched solid ground
having preserved human- and animal-kind
and much too old …
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