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E15 The Hero's Journey

the heavens

Today on the Placebo Magick Podcast we give a bird's eye view of the archetypal Hero's Journey (as described by Joseph Campbell) and its usefulness in spiritual practice. The Spell of the Week is a simple divination method based on the Hero's Journey.

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The Stuff That Makes Me Happy

I finally just realized
I'm atrocious at writing
about my own happiness.
All of my criticisms are written
with a balance of wit, brevity,
and exhaustive enumeration.
My thoughtfully fermented
examinations of my dissatisfaction
with the human race
and the humans I know personally
are like a tenured historian's
three …
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Prophetic Writing, Stories, and Teachable Hearts

You want to be a missionary?
You got that missionary zeal?
Let a stranger change your life
How's that make you feel?
You want to be a writer
But you don't know how or when
Find a quiet place
Use a humble pen

You want to talk, talk, talk about …
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