Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things I Keep In My Tiny House

In this installment of Little House on the Parking Lot, I share some of my more absurd possessions and give a bit of advice on managing the STUFF in our lives.

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America First

The man in the White House
is building a wall,
closing our borders,
putting America First.

I am putting myself first.
I declare independence.
Among my people
I carve out
my place. Mine.
My land, my time, my art,
my opinion, my religion,
my boundaries.
These are my LEGOs
and …
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I play with LEGO, so I know
everything that happens
either blows the world apart
or builds it anew, day by day,
brick by brick. Sometimes, after
the dark whirlwind of chaos—my baby
brother—arrives hurling everything
beautiful to the ground in a shower
of plastic confetti, I scramble …
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