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Simple Trick for Washing Dishes in a Tiny House

In this installment of Little House on the Parking Lot, I share a simple trick for managing and washing dirty dishes in a tiny house or other small kitchen.

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Cooking in a Tiny House

A tiny house kitchen can be better than a normal kitchen! In this video I make some summer squash fritters while explaining the joys and efficiencies of my tiny house kitchen.

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Settling In to the Tiny House

It's been a month and three days since I moved into my tiny house. My friend Andy borrowed a friend-of-a-friend's truck and moved it for me, sans lights/brakes/licensing. Again, I find myself wholly dependent on community.

So far, there have been many joys, but also many frustrations. The …

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The Current Design

Main floor layout

Progress on the trailer is coming along slowly again, but on Wednesday I spent some time formalizing my plans and layout. Originally I planned to create a 3D model of the house, but the software (both Blender and Sketchup) is a pain in the butt to learn, so I'm sticking …

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Demolition Progressing


Ready to roll for a day of demolition.

I've spent probably 15-20 hours on trailer demolition (perhaps "disassembly" is more accurate). At this point the interior is totally bare, and the roof and the aluminum siding are off. Now I'm just going to start unscrewing stuff and see what happens …

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Trailer Acquired

Well, the first major step in my journey is complete: I purchased a trailer. I ended up buying an old enclosed cargo trailer, which I am in the process of demolishing down to the frame. (I hope to reuse, recycle, sell, or give away most of the materials composing the …

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