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The Reimagined Culture Project

garden cart

I'm creating a new, fantastical, and real culture.

I recently bought 10 acres in the northeast of Michigan's lower peninsula. Owning land has opened up many new possibilities for me from both an artistic perspective (landscaping, architecture) and an economic perspective (homesteading, simple living).

My goal for my homestead is …

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Tiny House Tour

A tour of my four-years-occupied tiny house—situated on an urban farm in an outlet mall parking lot—plus some insights from my tiny living experience.

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The Current Design

Main floor layout

Progress on the trailer is coming along slowly again, but on Wednesday I spent some time formalizing my plans and layout. Originally I planned to create a 3D model of the house, but the software (both Blender and Sketchup) is a pain in the butt to learn, so I'm sticking …

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Tiny House Workshop

Currently I'm in the Indian Trails bus, waiting to leave from the Chicago Greyhound terminal, after a two-day tiny house workshop - mostly focused on houses built on trailer frames, like mine.

I learned a lot, some of which was encouraging or inspiring, and some of which was scary or frustrating …

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Trailer Acquired

Well, the first major step in my journey is complete: I purchased a trailer. I ended up buying an old enclosed cargo trailer, which I am in the process of demolishing down to the frame. (I hope to reuse, recycle, sell, or give away most of the materials composing the …

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