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At the Crossroads

the Crossroads of Multiverses
The only right sacrifice
in the timeless temple
is to leave
by but one

of the Thousand Thousand Ways.
It would seem a sacrilege here
to forsake
Nine Hundred Thousand
Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine
perfectly good
roads to happiness
and right living

—Nine Hundred Thousand
Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine good wives
each …
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E12 Yourself: Into the You-Verse

alternate reality FarmCodeGarys

Today on the Placebo Magick Podcast: How to open magickal connections to alternate universes and alternate selves to help you loosen up your constricting beliefs about yourself and make decisions with more confidence. The Spell of the Week is a daily morning ritual to link minds with a parallel universe …

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Glimpse of a mythic self
I can feel their subsonic moans
out there beyond the membrane.

Swimming through the metacosmos,
alternate universes
are drawing near—
other ways
how everything could have been,
how things could be.

It could all go wrong.
It could all finally go right.

My universe secretes something.
These others swell with …
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Glimpse of a mythic self
Habdur, "the inviting
here and now",
"the space
of invitation",
at the Nexus of Possibilities,
at the Crossroads of Multiverses,
in the weaving of the Thousand Thousand Ways
we could have lived,

we could yet live.
Here we rest our heads
very near to past selves,
future …
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Dead fern in snow
When the poets of old
wrote of star-crossed lovers
they were partly right
and partly wrong
due to a tragedy of scope and scale
and obsession with particular causality,
working backwards
or worse, forwards—
while stars like these ordain the just-rightness
of you and me, it could have been
any …
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