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Avian Elves

Like my other posts about dwarves and halflings, this is an alternate interpretation of elves compatible with most dungeon fantasy role-playing game rules.

Elves possess predominantly avian features—feathers, leathery legs with knees that bend backwards, owl-like beaks, penetrating eyes. Specific feather styles and color patterns vary considerably between subspecies …

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Hamster Halflings

Like my previous post about dwarves, this is an alternate interpretation of halflings designed to feel pretty unique while remaining compatible with most dungeon fantasy games.

Halflings stand 3-4 feet talk and most closely resemble hamsters, especially in their faces, hands, and feet. Fine white or orange-brown hairs cover the …

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Insectoid Dwarves

Dwarven Queen Mother

Looking for a fresh take on dwarves that’s still mostly compatible with standard dungeon fantasy RPG adventures and rulesets? Look no further.

All dwarves have bright, colorful multifaceted eyes that shine in the dark, and stony skin ranging in color from gray to tan to granite. Hair is generally …

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