The Rejected Messiah

The rejected messiah climbs down
from his botched crucifixion, still
alive. That was anticlimactic.
Blood spilled; no one got saved.
What now? Does he search
for another sinner, another cross,
another chance to do everything right?
(Maybe try thicker nails next time?)
Or did that one count? Is he off the hook?
Does this here count as a resurrection?
Maybe he should go crucify someone
else, see how it feels, teach them
how it feels. Yeah. Serves them
right. Maybe he should quit the messiah
business, take some online classes, sell
insurance. Settle down with someone nice.
Buy a flatscreen. Nice to think about.
But he knows his destiny will find him.
Soon as he sets sail, it'll come fling him
into the sea, swallow him whole, spit him
out wherever he's scheduled to hurt next.
You don't get to choose, he fears. Truth
is, he's not too sure whether martyrdom
follows him, or he follows it, like a skinny dog
sniffing after the only master it knows.