The Home Stretch

I've been making progress - pretty slowly - on the house but am now on the home stretch and kicking into overdrive to get it done. My parents came to Holland yesterday to help finish the insulation and windows. Tasks for the next two weeks include building the bathroom wall, installing the wall covering, finishing the wood floor, installing the exterior trim and siding, and wiring the trailer brakes and lights.

For a while I've been having a hard time getting motivated. Not sure whether to blame Daylight Savings Time, the slow start to spring, too much time working alone, or plain old laziness. But fortunately, the recent warm weather and help from friends and family is helping me get back in the zone. (A rapidly-approaching deadline also helps.)

Still don't have a location for the house... still planning to move in on April 15...

Anyway, here are some pictures of the progress I've made since the last update (the roof, door, windows, etc.).

The completed roof and door.

Windows installed with help from my folks.

Thumbs-up for windows!