Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Principles of Habdur Fashion

homemade wool cloak

For my Reimagined Culture Project—the culture of the ten-acre Realm of Habdur—I need a fashion appropriate to the climate, to the available materials, and to the values and sensibilities of the Habdur people (i.e. me).

To develop it, my foundational principles are:

I've developed a few more design guidelines derived from the above:

My first step in creating something actually wearable was to stick a turkey feather in my straw hat. (I hope to learn to make my own straw hats. In the meantime this one was made in China, probably by underpaid workers.)

turkey feather in my straw hat

Next, knowing wool would be one of the primary materials of Habdur fashion (as I plan to raise Nigora goats for wool and milk), I bought a used wool blanket from a military surplus store to make into the cloak pictured above using wooden buttons homemade from a Habdur maple stick. Check out the cloak in more detail in this YouTube video!

homemade wooden button

Next steps: This winter, I hope to develop a base layer of clothing, likely some kind of tunic with all sorts of practical pockets for gardening and handiwork. Also, if I kill a deer this fall I'll have some leather to make into belts, straps, pouches, and moccasins.