I'm walking down the worst street
and I see this black guy dancing.
At the time I assume he's crazy,
the fun kind, but I should know
from his Sci-Fi Disco get-up
that he's a spaceman
bearing wisdom from the future.

People sulk by and this guy dances.
I think, What gives you the right?
I say, How are you so free?
Because I dance, he says.
But you must have a reason to dance?
Now he's gone, back

Eventually, lacking the answers to all my questions,
unable to find the reasons, I try boogieing
for no reason. And that's his message, I think,
that's what the dancing means—
dancing just because, loving just because,
grooving to the rhythm of uncauseable love
for someone or yourself, the same groove
no matter who you are, rippling love

His music is timeless.
It came from inner space, way down, a vacuum
of logic, an asylum, the pregnant silence
that carries him now into the future,
Thank you, Spaceman Maurice.