Ready to roll for a day of demolition.

I've spent probably 15-20 hours on trailer demolition (perhaps "disassembly" is more accurate). At this point the interior is totally bare, and the roof and the aluminum siding are off. Now I'm just going to start unscrewing stuff and see what happens. While working today I realized that my trailer originally had three axles, which is good news. It means my frame is probably really sturdy - equipped to handle 15,000 lbs. I'd guess. (Of course with only two axles my house can't actually weigh that much - but I only expect it to come in around 6,000.)

Finally, it feels like it's actually coming down!

On Saturday I bought four windows on closeout for $159 total. Two of them are great, the other two are a bit funky - they'll work for now, but I might replace them later. (They're actually display models for sliding glass doors - window sized, but otherwise just a tiny door.) In any case, I still need one more small window for my loft - essential for passive ventilation in the summer. I might also put some glass in my front door (which I need to custom-build).

I've been pondering a lot on cooking. I plan to use an induction cooktop - they're safer and more energy-efficient than gas or conventional electric stoves, and they allow instant heat adjustment just like a gas burner. The main catch is that they only work with ferromagnetic cookware, i.e. only stuff to which a magnet will stick. As for an oven, most tiny houses have no oven at all, but for me the ability to bake is essential. I figure there are four options: A small conventional oven, a large toaster oven, a microwave convection oven, or a stovetop dutch oven. Overall the microwave convection option would probably be the most convenient and energy-efficient. The major downsides are the price and the fact that I'd probably want glass and ceramic bakeware (safe for both microwave and convection modes) which are useless on the convection cooktop. I guess there's not much overlap between bakeware and stovetop cookware anyway. A toaster oven would be cheaper than the microwave, and obviously a dutch oven would be cheaper yet. (A dutch oven would also work nicely with an induction cooktop.) Probably I'll start with the induction stove, then get a dutch oven (which would be nice to have as a pot anyway) then wait and see if I want the microwave convection oven when I can afford it.

After talking to my plumber, I think I've decided to set up my water intake system like an RV: with a water tank and the option to hook up to a hose directly. The tank will eat up some space, but it'll mean I don't have to bury pipes below the frost line to get water in the winter. If I use water conservatively (which is a good goal for anyone) the inconvenience should be pretty minimal.