Demolition Nearly Complete

The trailer demolition project has taken more time and energy than anticipated, but today I finally toppled the walls. Now all that remains is some wood attached around the bottom of the frame. The other big job is to sort through all the materials and figure out what to keep, sell, give away, or throw away.

After that, I need to get some repairs/modifications done on the trailer, and then I'm ready to roll with construction. Jeff Meyers did point out to me today that my frame has a slight bow to it, so unfortunately I'll have to contend with that. As long as I'm able to build my subfloor straight and level, it shouldn't affect the rest of construction at all.

Even though things will probably come together just fine, for anyone interested in building a tiny house on wheels I'd recommend that you buy a new trailer, customized to specification. If you do buy a used trailer, don't get an enclosed one...

In other news, I bought a 24"x72" solid core wood door from a friend for $10 today. It needs a bit of TLC but it could work nicely as my entry door, especially if I can find some tricks to improve its insulation value. (The door is only 1 1/4" thick, as opposed to the standard 1 3/4" for wood entry doors.) I may decide to buy/build a door with a window in it instead, in which case I'll cut up this door and make it into furniture. Either way, I think I'll paint my door a bright color - red or green - to add a splash of color to the house.