America First

The man in the White House
is building a wall,
closing our borders,
putting America First.

I am putting myself first.
I declare independence.
Among my people
I carve out
my place. Mine.
My land, my time, my art,
my opinion, my religion,
my boundaries.
These are my LEGOs
and this is my area.

I am building a great wall
of highbush cranberries
behind which I will get naked
in the sunlight
and enjoy my body.
In that wall, a hardwood door
with the cracks between the boards sealed tight
and locks on both sides.

I am so tired
of putting others first.
Why have we expended so much
dropping bombs on our enemies
while we starved ourselves?
From this day forward, Gary First.

I inaugurate these Mornings In America
with the Most Important Thing:
Breakfast. My self.

I sit with my breakfast
and look at my feelings.
Within my home I will manufacture
my own food,
my own wealth,
my own safety,
my own potency,
my own destiny,
my own love for myself,
my own wholeness,
my own happiness.
I will no longer outsource good jobs.

Among my people
I will live
as a neighbor, sovereign
in my own house.
I will no longer seek a savior
more virile,
more esteemed,
more willful,
—and leave my self behind.
I will no longer outsource good jobs.
And thus
from this day forward
I will put
America First.