Changes to the Site


Ahoy! is expanding in scope!

  • Firstly, the blogging on geeky topics once found on Inspiration Forge will now be found on, including past posts. You can find them mostly under the geekdom tag. (Old links will redirect.)
  • Secondly, the posts from my once-defunct tiny house construction …
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Habdur Runes

Habdur runes example

For my Reimagined Culture Project, in addition to a new language I decided I'd need a new script. My reasoning is mainly aesthetic: I want visitors to my ten acres to feel as if they're entering another world, and one of the simplest ways to achieve that is with an …

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Unboxing the Dwarf 5kw Woodstove

I unbox the Dwarf 5kw tiny house woodstove from

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The Soul of Poetry

take me back
into the soul of poetry.
This is my prayer.

Geese fly overhead.
I hear,
I open the window to hear.
I open the door to see
countless, three long diagonal processions
one after the other.

Cold moves across my fingers.
The sun is low and red …
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The Reimagined Culture Project

garden cart

I'm creating a new, fantastical, and real culture.

I recently bought 10 acres in the northeast of Michigan's lower peninsula. Owning land has opened up many new possibilities for me from both an artistic perspective (landscaping, architecture) and an economic perspective (homesteading, simple living).

My goal for my homestead is …

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