Demolition Nearly Complete

The trailer demolition project has taken more time and energy than anticipated, but today I finally toppled the walls. Now all that remains is some wood attached around the bottom of the frame. The other big job is to sort through all the materials and figure out what to keep …

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Tiny House Workshop

Currently I'm in the Indian Trails bus, waiting to leave from the Chicago Greyhound terminal, after a two-day tiny house workshop - mostly focused on houses built on trailer frames, like mine.

I learned a lot, some of which was encouraging or inspiring, and some of which was scary or frustrating …

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Demolition Progressing


Ready to roll for a day of demolition.

I've spent probably 15-20 hours on trailer demolition (perhaps "disassembly" is more accurate). At this point the interior is totally bare, and the roof and the aluminum siding are off. Now I'm just going to start unscrewing stuff and see what happens …

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Trailer Acquired

Well, the first major step in my journey is complete: I purchased a trailer. I ended up buying an old enclosed cargo trailer, which I am in the process of demolishing down to the frame. (I hope to reuse, recycle, sell, or give away most of the materials composing the …

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The Christian Case for Open-Mindedness

Christians are not known for their open-mindedness. Some are ashamed of this, while others pride themselves on their shunning of worldly ideas. I mean to argue, from an orthodox evangelical Christian stance [*], why Christians ought to be open-minded.

But first, what do I mean when I say "open-minded"? In my …

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