For the past year and a half (since I embarked on my house construction project), I've been consistently short on cash. Fortunately my fixed expenses are virtually nonexistent, but I don't have much to spare for frivolities. So I constantly find myself thinking or saying the words "I can't afford …

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Moral Diversity

For a long time, I've held the opinion (implicitly at least) that it is a sin to have more wealth than you need. But building a tiny house is changing my perspective on wealth, and in turn, on the universality of moral imperatives.

As I wrote about on my other …

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Settling In to the Tiny House

It's been a month and three days since I moved into my tiny house. My friend Andy borrowed a friend-of-a-friend's truck and moved it for me, sans lights/brakes/licensing. Again, I find myself wholly dependent on community.

So far, there have been many joys, but also many frustrations. The …

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The Embodied Paradox

In one of my earliest essays on this blog, I wrote about the error of "mistaking abstractions for reality", of the idolatrous assumption that reality conforms to our own concepts and mental models. It is difficult to break free of such an error - and even more difficult to break free …

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The Home Stretch

I've been making progress - pretty slowly - on the house but am now on the home stretch and kicking into overdrive to get it done. My parents came to Holland yesterday to help finish the insulation and windows. Tasks for the next two weeks include building the bathroom wall, installing the …

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