Hamster Halflings

Like my previous post about dwarves, this is an alternate interpretation of halflings designed to feel pretty unique while remaining compatible with most dungeon fantasy games.

Dinosaurs (from Earth) from Space!

Alternate prehistory: The dinosaurs were not wiped out by a comet, but an environmental catastrophe of their own making, possibly caused by weapons of mass destruction. (Some species, such as velociraptor, were sapient and civilized.) The wealthiest and most politically powerful among them escaped earth in spaceships (bringing along some of their servants and enormous brutish pets) and have since been zooming around in circles at near-lightspeed, taking advantage of time dilation to give earth time to be habitable again.

The World We're Living In

I create worlds.

Thoughts on a Legend of Zelda Role-Playing Campaign

When trying to take existing franchises and emulate them in a tabletop RPG, one problem comes up over and over: How do you capture the feel of a story originally revolving around a single protagonist while making it suitable for a group? Some franchises lend themselves naturally to adventuring parties (e.g. X-Men, Ghostbusters, Star Wars) while others – such as The Legend of Zelda – almost exclusively follow solitary heroes.

The Isle of Deadwatch

I've been drawing maps lately. My first attempt is the result of following this tutorial (which was well-worth the $1.50), and I'm pleased. I call it the Isle of Deadwatch.

Insectoid Dwarves

Looking for a fresh take on dwarves that’s still mostly compatible with standard dungeon fantasy RPG adventures and rulesets? Look no further.