The Noble Peasantry: Reimagining Class

"If I seem to boast more than is becoming, my excuse is that I brag for humanity rather than for myself."

Heroes and Danger: A Role-Playing Game for Pre-Literate Children

In the summer of last year I babysat once a week for a family of three kids: four, six, and eight years old. Being an adult nerd I see it as my personal responsibility to bring up the next generation, so I looked around for a tabletop role-playing game suitable for children. As far as I could tell, the kids' games on the market (for instance, Mermaid Adventures) were geared toward a slightly older age group—kids with a firm grasp on reading and basic math. So, I set out to design a game suitable for kids as young as four.

Principles of Habdur Fashion

For my Reimagined Culture Project—the culture of the ten-acre Realm of Habdur—I need a fashion appropriate to the climate, to the available materials, and to the values and sensibilities of the Habdur people (i.e. me).

Changes to the Site

Ahoy! is expanding in scope!

Habdur Runes

For my Reimagined Culture Project, in addition to a new language I decided I'd need a new script. My reasoning is mainly aesthetic: I want visitors to my ten acres to feel as if they're entering another world, and one of the simplest ways to achieve that is with an arcane alphabet.

The Reimagined Culture Project

I'm creating a new, fantastical, and real culture.